Golf Dondurma Cookie Policy


We use various cookies on the,, websites of Natura Gıda San ve Tic A.Ş and Golf Gıda San Tic AŞ in order to optimize your use and improve your user experience.

Small data files sent to users’ devices by the internet network server through the internet browser being used are referred to as cookies, and websites recognize users through these cookies, and the lifespan of cookies varies depending on browser settings.

These cookies are created through the systems managed by Natura Gıda San ve Tic AŞ and Golf Gıda San Tic AŞ, but also some service providers authorized by Natura Gıda San ve Tic AŞ and Golf Gıda San Tic AŞ can obtain information such as IP address, unique identifier and device identifier by placing similar technologies on users’ devices. In addition, although the links of third parties in,, systems are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties, the responsibility for privacy practices does not belong to Natura Gıda San ve Tic AŞ and Golf Gıda San Tic AŞ and in this context, it is recommended to read the privacy policy of the site when the site within the scope of the relevant link is visited.


Cookies, whose main purpose of use is to provide convenience to users, are basically categorized into 4 main groups:

Session Cookies (Mandatory Cookies): These are cookies that allow the utilization of various features such as the transportation of information between web pages and the systematic recall of information entered by the user. In order for the functions of Natura Gıda San ve Tic AŞ and Golf Gıda San Tic AŞ corporate website to function properly
Performance Cookies: These are cookies that collect information about the frequency of visiting the pages, possible error messages, the total time users spend on the relevant page and the patterns of using the site and are used to increase the performance of Natura Gıda San ve Tic AŞ and Golf Gıda San Tic AŞ corporate website.
Functional Cookies: These are cookies that remind the user of the previously selected options for the convenience of the user. To provide advanced internet features to users within the scope of Natura Gıda San ve Tic AŞ and Golf Gıda San Tic AŞ corporate website
Advertising and Third Party Cookies: Cookies belonging to third party suppliers. Natura Gıda San ve Tic AŞ and Golf Gıda San Tic AŞ enable the use of some functions on the corporate website and tracking advertisements.

The purposes of use of cookies used by,, are as follows:

Operational uses:,, may use cookies that enable the use of the functions on this site or detect irregular behavior in order to ensure the administration and security of its systems.
Uses for functionality:,, may use cookies that remind users of their information and past choices in order to facilitate the use of their systems and provide user-specific usage features.
Performance-oriented uses:,, may use cookies that evaluate and analyze the interaction with the messages sent and user behavior in order to increase and measure the performance of their systems.
Uses for advertising purposes:,, may use cookies that measure the effectiveness of these advertisements or analyze the click status in order to transmit advertisements and similar content within the scope of users’ interests through its own or third parties’ systems.

The use of cookies is pre-defined in many browsers and users can change this selection status in the browser settings and thus delete existing cookies and refuse future cookie use; however, if the use of cookies is canceled, it may be possible to not benefit from some features in,, systems.

If the use of cookies is not desired, session cookies can be rejected by following the instructions given in the “help” file of the internet browsers. More information about cookies and their usage areas can be obtained from the same websites. Even if cookies are rejected, the website can continue to be used.


The stored information will be deleted by the systems when the statutory or contractually defined filing period expires or if,, is no longer needed. However, you may request deletion of your personal information at any time. In such cases, or for any other questions regarding your personal information, you may contact [email protected] by e-mail. You may also contact us via the same method for questions regarding the storage of your information and the uses of this information. While the statutory deadline for responding to your requests is 30 days, you can be assured that we will use our best efforts to respond to you sooner than that.