Golf Maraşım

Golf Maraşım is a genuine native of Maraş. Not only with its name, but with the taste of Maraş that comes when you put it in your mouth, with the air and water of Maraş... Abundant milk, salep content, magnificent consistency and the mastery of Maraş... All of it is full of milk, it’s born Maraşlı!


Golf Bravo

Golf Bravo invites you to a new discovery in the world of chocolate and its extraordinary tastes.


Golf Roko

Going beyond the norm with its triangular shape, Roko stands by young people who live life to the fullest. Adventure is always around you with its endless energy and intense chocolate flavor!


Royal Gourmet

Combining flavors from their homeland in 5 different flavors, Golf Royal Gourmet offers a unique gourmet ice cream experience.



Fantasia is a fantastic ice cream that will conquer those who want to create fantastic moments with its colorful cone, different flavors and designs!



When sun, summer and friends come together, the way to have fun is clear: Golf Lungo! It will add joy to the setting with its crispy cone, chocolate and unique tastes.


Chatty Ice Creams

Fun ice creams for children, from Rocket to Ice Jelly, from Tiki to Matriko


Sizin İçin

Ice cream flavor for the whole family at home, For You, for you...